About Us



The meaning of MSOM! The meaning is complex yet simple, it's a mindset! Our mind is our strongest asset, and some of us allow it go to waste. My State of Mind, Matters Soley on Me!  

   Our mission, to Infect as many minds as possible to influence the chance to be themselves, empower themselves, love themselves, and project their Individuality to the world!

    Our Vision is to promote individuality and Self awareness through Fashion and Music. That will build a Culture that can and will grow for generations.

     I want MSOM to communicate self-awareness and empowerment, and when you wear MSOM apparel you recognize that within yourself! We all have different mindsets and they change frequently. By recognizing your mindset i.e. state of mind, you give yourself the power to control which direction it heads therefore strengthen your strongest asset. We’ve released several lines currently within MSOM Clothing. Starting with the design that started it all, Blended roots. Blended roots spurred from what we like to call an awakening moment as we learn more about history. “You can’t know where you going, if you don’t know where you’ve been”! So with slight mentioning of a possible Irish background on top of my African background I designed it as a cross blend. Utilizing the four leaf clover with the African flag colors. We all come from somewhere Unity is more important than Pride and virtually all roots are blended!

Then we have one of the latest editions to the lineup! “Where’s your Head at?”, (WYHA) which is our tag line and mantra! When you wake up, every morning you need to look in the mirror and you ask yourself that question! Control the day before the day starts! Coming soon we have “Silence your Fear”, this line is a powerful one for us being that Fear is the strongest motivator. We need to conquer our Fears so we can make logical and proper decisions in life!

     Every line we create is based off of our personal experiences throughout life. Life is a lesson and we intend to share what we’ve learned with whomever is willing to hear it, see it, want it, believe it, or live it.


MSOM Clothing

Ask ourselves one question every morning before we get our day started!


”Where’s your Head at?”