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My name is Lolo Perrelli, aka Mr. Lolo and I’m more low profile than a set of perrellis! I was born in Southern California and adventured through Arizona and now onto the Carolinas. I was influenced by 80’s and 90’s music of all genres but am deeply motivated by my daughter and the lack of true messages of power and motivation in today’s music! I believe it’s time for a change!

          I’ve been creating, performing, and recording music since 1999, taking a break solely for my family. Since then, I’ve watched what I love (The music Industry) become a mockery of life filled with imposters. This is a declaration of War. I’m an Artist, a lover of the art and I’m willing to fight for what I love! With several goals in mind. First to incite and encourage the return of all true artists from all genres. The second is my original goal to move the World one track at a time!

          My sound is abstract, but you can definitely hear the influence from the 80’s and 90’s in my songs. With strong focus on the rhythm sections and Drums, followed by hefty basslines and simplified melodies. Straight forward lyrics makes it easy to follow along and hear the message that’s being delivered. In my first solo release “Raise up (Battle Cry)” you will hear all of those elements. Listen and be inspired. Listen and feel the motivation. Listen and become empowered.


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