2 Became 1

2 Became 1


                Msom Clothing and 742 Music are officially one in the same. With my goal of moving the world one track at a time, it’s only natural to have the Swag to match. Msom is a visual embodiment of 742 Music. My stage name is Lolo Perrelli aka Mr. Lolo, aka Lp, aka etc…. hahah! Music and fashion is an awesome way to connect a community. Now imagine building that community up with empowerment and brotherhood/sisterhood. Let’s be honest though, this is not for everyone and that’s ok! One true connection means a million times more than a hundred fake ones. You have to have an open mind with a strong sense of self, or at least a willingness to find that. Being yourself is everything, no one can be you better than you! 2023 is the start of an awesome journey and I would love for you all to join me. Follow my social media links (youtube, Instagram, Facebook) at the bottom of the pages on the site. If you make music or have a fashion taste or brand, hit me up through social media links, let’s build this community and make it Rock! Much love to all who read this and to all who just skim past this.

Remember two things. Where’s your head at? Also Silence your fear and remember who you are!


Much love and appreciation Lp

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